How Adam did It

“Nothing has been invented yet, we are beginning to learn how to invent.”

Ever wondered if you were born back then even you too would have came up with some great inventions. This is your chance to put yourself to test and to show your prowess in designing and cracking problems.


  • One team can consist of maximum four people.
  • Use of unfair means is strictly prohibited and this will lead to disqualification of the team from event.
  • Organizer’s decision will be final and binding.
  • This event is open to all college students with valid ID cards.

Preliminary Round

  • A written round consisting of 5 questions and 2 separate bonus questions (no tie breaker).

Second Round

  • Selected teams will be provided with resources and a problem statement.
  • They will have to make an invention to solve the problem subjected to the given resource constraints.
  • In case of a tie, an extra clause may be added to the problem statement by the organizers/judges.


  • Shivansh Verma : 9315671641
  • Sambuddha : 9447787298
  • Digvijay : 7905223397


“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

These words inspire one to have innovative and creative thinking attitude involving scientific concepts as tools for solving problems in an efficient way unlike conservative approach. Panchamantra provides you with an opportunity to test your out of box thinking skills with your response to specific situation in a constrained time. The given tasks and problems though require very fundamental scientific knowledge, it still rely heavily on intuition, spontaneity (and a sense which is not so common)!


  • Teams comprising of up to 3 members can participate in the event.
  • Participants from various colleges may collaborate to form a team, however only students with valid ID cards and Registration ID number can participate.
  • Consulting online resources, use of mobile phones, consulting with people other than team members is prohibited and would invite disqualification.
  • The decision of organizers/judges would be final and binding under all circumstances.

  • The event will comprise of 5 rounds starting with a written preliminary where highest scorers will be qualified to next round.
  • There will be some tie breaker questions to decide for next round qualification if a case of equal marks obtained by two or more teams arises.
  • Teams qualifying for the next round (which may involve certain interesting tasks) have to provide complete solutions to the problem statement in the stipulated time limit.
  • Proposed solutions of the team will be accepted and evaluated by judges, provided they satisfy the constraints of the problem, irrespective of the approach.
  • However, the most innovative and feasible solutions would be scored higher. The team’s performance in task rounds would be evaluated on the basis of the efficiency of the solution, supporting explanations and the time taken to arrive at the solution.


  • Aayushi : 9447784239
  • Prajakta : 8975865733
  • Amisha : 9447784629


“All Science is either physics or stamp collecting.”

Missing Irodov, H.C. Verma….and the good old school days? Refreshen your love for twisted physics problems through Phyknight to take a walk down the memory lane of your old Physics Olympiad days.


  • The event is open to all college students with valid ID cards and Registration Number.
  • Participants can form a team of three.
  • Multiple participation is ruled out.
  • Any type of cheating using mobile phones and unfair means will lead to disqualification.
  • Decisions of the organizers/judges will be binding and final

  • The event will comprise of two rounds: Prelims and Finals.
  • Prelims Round will comprise of subjective questions based on high school physics concepts and a little out of the box thinking.
  • Teams with relatively higher scores will qualify to Round 2.
  • Round 2 will be held between qualified teams, which will be a questionnaire where organizers will be asking questions to teams and depending upon the teams response, team with highest score will be declared as winner.
  • Performance in round 2 will be evaluated based on the efficiency of the solution satisfying all the constraint of the problem statement with proper justification and explanations.


  • Karthick : 9447188357
  • Shantanu : 8078388944

Physics Quiz


  • The first round would be a written round from which 5 teams will be chosen for the second round.
  • Second round would be a quiz with different levels.
  • The questions would include both Physics trivia and conceptual questions.

  • The maximum number of participants in each team can be only two.
  • There will be two rounds in the event and as many sub-levels depending upon the organisers and the coordinator.
  • There will be no judges involved in the event, in case of doubt, the participants can raise the right of clarification.
  • Any team found using unfair means would be disqualified from the event.
  • The decision of the coordinator and organisers will be final and binding in case of any dispute.
  • This event is open to all college students with valid ID cards.


  • Soumya : 8989284282
  • Priyansh : 8078382037/9131584092



For one eye it is a ray, for the other it as a wave. In spite of this duality it rules the universe. Enthusiasts dont get bewildered by its properties and play around with it to come up with breathtaking marvels. Conscientia2019 gives you an opportunity to bend, merge, scatter and whatever you can do with it to show your attachment with the fastest thing in the material universe.


  • There will be a preliminary round followed by the finals.
  • The prelims will be a written round with questions from basics of optics.
  • There will be bonus questions on demand. Provided 80% of previous questions are answered.There will be negative marking for wrongly answered bonus question.
  • The teams selected for the finals will be given a series of tasks in the optics lab wherein they will be required to solve the given problem statement/experiment using the instruments provided.
  • The teams has to complete a given task within the allotted time .

  • The event is open to all college students with valid ID cards.
  • Each team will contain maximum of 3 people
  • Use of books, mobile phones will lead to disqualification.
  • Maximum of 4 teams will be selected for final round.
  • The decision of the coordinator and organisers will be final and binding in case of any dispute.
  • This event is open to all college students with valid ID cards.


  • 1ST Prize 3000 INR
  • 2ND Prize 2000 INR


  • Anjishnu Adhikari :